What Leaders Should Do When They Lose Self-Confidence: 2 Tips

People listen to leaders as they ooze self-confidence but there are times when they doubt their capabilities. The feeling is so powerful that you doubt if you would ever get out of it. How to come out of such a personal crisis? In this article at strategy+business, Jesse Sostrin shares 2 things that leaders can do when they lose self-confidence.

Rejuvenating Leaders

As leaders, you would rather focus on your team than determine the source of your problem. A troubled mind cannot provide guidance to others. Instead of focusing on the incident, strive to figure out a solution. So, work on the following tips to gain back lost confidence:

Acknowledge the Issue: As per psychologist David Kantor, leaders stand tall when the entire company fails to make a mark. It is their confidence that rubs off onto others. That does not mean that you can no longer lead when you start doubting yourself. All that matters is, how you see opportunities in a crisis which others cannot.

When nervous about presentation, you fall back into a comfort zone without bothering about losing a great growth opportunity. You console yourself saying that you are being authentic, but you really are looking for a comfort zone. London Business School professor Herminia Ibarra uses the term ‘authenticity paradox’ for this attitude.

Instead of giving up on yourself, think of this as an improvement journey. This will stop you from crawling into a shell. Allow yourself to make mistakes but gradually build that confidence. Do not pep yourself up to overconfidence. Decide to stick to delivering the message and pull through the presentation irrespective of how nervous you feel.

Do Not Give In: Though it is still not visible to people around, leaders need to identify early warning signs. When you begin to give in, you take immediate actions. Compare similar situations that you faced before and after losing self-confidence.

For example, before you would directly share feedback regarding an issue. Now, you want to wait for the right moment or think that your feedback is unnecessary. Previously, you were not afraid of failure but now you would rather adjust than risk upsetting anything.

When you experience signs like these, press pause and realign your thoughts. This trick will help leaders regain self-confidence faster. Learn how to address self-doubt with positivity.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/How-to-regain-your-confidence-when-it-falters


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