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Trick to Bring Out the Best of ITSM Vendors

Accepting one’s fault is tough, but self-analysis is pivotal to lead in any industry. CIOs often make the mistake of not realizing their fault while handling ITSM vendors and bringing out the best of them.

In this article at Tech Target, Mary K. Pratt talks to Lois Coatney, Partner and Global Leader for Managed Services at advisory firm, Information Services Group (ISG) in Stamford, to suggest the best ITSM practices.

Access to Vendor Data

Coatney suggests that if an organization outsources an ITSM vendor, it must provide access to the data the vendors have. To gain access to the vendor’s data, building strong relations with them is essential. However, making the best out of the relationship is even pivotal. Here are some productive ways to do so:

  1. Ownership & Access to Data: The CIOs must gain access to the service delivery data else they can lose visibility into their performance data. They have a certain amount of information to retain while giving control to the ITSM vendors. Therefore, CIOs must seek the help of in-house skilled individuals to look after the data in-hand and understand how the gathered information equates to performance.
  2. Business Needs: Considering the need for relationship management, the CIOs must ensure that the IT services offered by the vendors compliment their business. They must evaluate and manage ITSM vendors while keeping a sound balance between their relationship with the vendors.
  3. The Right Pick: Pick a suitable candidate from the team for managing ITSM vendors while keeping a strong hold over the supplier’s account and addressing other issues as they pop up. The right pick would be someone who has gained enough experience in the service delivery role in past endeavors. A candidate with enough exposure in finance and IT will be the best fit as he or she understands the business well.
  4. Partnership with ITSM Vendor: The CIOs must also ensure that the managers of ITSM vendor are efficient in demanding innovation from the suppliers. Often the clients expect way more than they ask from the vendors. It is the duty of the ITSM vendor managers to bring out the best from the vendors and make the clients satisfied.

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