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Learn to Thank Your Team as a Project Manager

Acknowledgement or recognition is something everyone craves for. As a Project Manager, it is your accountability to keep your team high in spirit and energy. Any special contribution or hard work of your team member should not go unnoticed. The key to a happy and contented team is to maintain a culture of appreciation, be it small or big.

In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall talks about how every significant or minor milestone of your project team should be celebrated or acknowledged.

Hands-on Approaches

Hall lists out certain simple yet effective ways to thank the project teams:

Personal Note

A simple ‘thank-you’ note can do the magic for you. They hold a different emotional value and can make anyone feel special about their work.

The Photo Effect

Capture the special ‘thank-you’ moment with a picture and gift it as a card to your team member.

A Lunch Treat

Assign a portion of your project budget for recreational purposes or to treat your project team when a hit a major milestone.

Gift Card

Though discretionary, you can take the opportunity to thank the team member’s spouse for his or her support.


Walk up to your team member and thank him or her personally whenever you get a chance.

Open Forum

Project meetings are a great platform to praise individuals in front of their peers.


You can term a person or team as ‘star of the month or quarter’ and get them featured in the company newsletter.

Picture Post

Create a nice flyer with the individual’s picture and ‘thank-you message’ and post it on the company’s bulletin board.

Gift Certificate

Extend a gift certificate to the team member for something personal that he or she could not attend to while spending extra hours in office.

Cookie Delight

Doesn’t matter if you cannot cook. Get some cookie hamper from a bakery and gift it to the individual or team.

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