Kickoff Meeting: 4 Ways to Lead in Right Direction

The kickoff meeting is the first discussion on a new project attended by project sponsors, management, and project managers. The meeting defines a common goal and purpose of finishing the project and building consensus.

In this article at Liquid Planner, Amanda Kelly defines the kickoff meeting as the opening of a new project where the stage has been set, scenes have been cast and the players are placed to unfold new tasks.

What’s the Need?

The kickoff meeting is essential to set the tone for the rest of the project. It builds a common understanding of the project objectives among stakeholders and members involved in the project. Here are some essential ways to bring out the best from the project kickoff meetings:

  1. Easy to Access: As the meeting introduces different team members with each other for the first time, ensure that the space is easily accessible to all. If the teams are well-connected, give them some time to interact before reviewing the agenda. If the members are connecting over skype from diverse locations, pick a time that is suitable to all time zones.
  2. High-Level Agenda: When setting your meeting agenda, be more focused on the bigger picture than micro-details. The specific goals of kickoff meeting are to present the project and teams to the stakeholders, build credibility among the teams, promote communication, set expectations, and get started.
  3. Set Agenda: Establish an atmosphere of communication, transparency, preparation, and momentum. The agenda of the meeting must include the introduction of the members, a high-level vision, project overview, roles, collaborative project management tools, next steps, questions and express your gratitude.
  4. Vision: Make sure people attending the meeting understand the project vision and are excited about the new beginning. Getting your project team, stakeholders and company leaders excited will help with the project progress. Also, empower the meeting attendants with clear directions and some easy-to-use project management tools to ease their work.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://resources.liquidplanner.com/teams/4-tips-for-leading-a-project-kickoff-meeting

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