Intellectual Investment is Your Best Bet to Better Employee Engagement

Most organizations talk about better value creation, customer experience and employee engagement these days. But little do they realize that the key to success on all these fronts revolves around their own management systems and processes. If any organization wants to extract the best value from its employees, then it must invest in the intellectual development of its workforce.

In this article at Forbes, Daniel Markovitz highlights a case study of NUMMI, the joint venture between Toyota and General Motors at GM’s Fremont plant during the early 80’s to justify his viewpoint. In 1984, the work culture at GM’s Fremont plant was plagued with absenteeism, grievances, regular strikes, and malpractices that eventually affected their product quality. However, when Toyota formed NUMMI with the same workforce, the results were remarkably different.

The Three Keys

The success quotient at NUMMI can be directly attributed to the workforce principles that Toyota put into effect. Here’s a gist of the three key principles:

1.    The Pursuit of Safety

The first and foremost practice that should be implemented at every workplace is to keep the employees safe and healthy. Most organizations don’t pay too much attention to this aspect and concentrate on the financial matters only. But the practice of sending your employees home without any harm is probably the best value that any company can give.

2. The Art of Problem Solving

A structured and scientific approach of problem solving is was better than a chaotic runaround. Still, most organizations fail to teach or train their employees on how to approach a problematic scenario. Such employees often resort to alternative solutions or workarounds than dealing the situation at hand, thereby resulting in a complete wastage of time, money and energy. Rather, it is the responsibility of every company to train their staff the art of root-cause problem solving.

3. Turn Employees into Citizens

Rather than contemplating what your employees can contribute during those eight working hours, think of how they can contribute better to the community or the nation. Encourage them to engage in world affairs and express their viewpoint for betterment.

To read the original article in full, click on the link here – http://www.forbesindia.com/article/rotman/ask-not-what-your-employees-can-do-for-you–ask-what-you-can-do-for-your-employees/52889/1


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