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How to Leverage Creativity in This Age of Digital Disruption: 4 Tips

Creativity is an important topic of discussion for C-suite executives handling business in the age of digital disruption. So, companies are racing to win the creative hat every chance they get. In this article at CIO, Charles Araujo discusses how to leverage creativity in this age of digital disruption.

Digital Disruption and Creativity

It is common for companies forming a team that would work only for the innovation labs. They would be given every kind of creative license but does that freedom let creativity flourish? As soon as you hear ‘innovation’, you think of technology. This is more prevalent among professionals associated with the IT industry, but technology alone cannot do the job. As per Edge Technologies CIO and CTO Erik Ubels, creativity is about ‘building better buildings for the world.’ Being the CIO of the company in an IoT event, he barely talked about technology while discussing creativity.

Following are the 4 tips that can allow companies to leverage creativity in this age of digital disruption:

Being Future-Ready but Have a Working Present: The easiest solution for companies to compete in the digital disruption age is to invest in technology. Ubels thinks that that is acting prematurely. So, be prepared for the future but not introduce emerging technologies without having the need for it. MacDonald-Miller CIO Bradd Busick narrates how clients seek for him more than the CEO as the leader of digital disruption. As per Ubels, “We get an edge by being on the leading edge. Others want to wait until the technology is proven and a commodity.”

Establishing Standards: Though digital disruption is synonymous to breaking boundaries, Ubels says you need to establish evolving standards. Instead of it being restrictive, rules and regulations will ensure that you are creating value. Instead of exploring creativity everywhere, focus on areas that will give you the best results.

The Disruptive Mentality: CIOs alone cannot bring in innovation across the company. So, focus on stakeholder buy-ins more than ever. MacDonald-Miller experienced 11-percent growth in the maintenance unit. That convinced its CEO and CFO about digital disruption working in their favor. These early tangible results allowed Busick to become more creative and bolder. To reach this stage, create a team that believes in you. Make the top management believe that IT is more than some back-office dealings by showing the IT-business alignment benefits.

Not a Project but a Strategy: Creativity is not a project that only a handful of people get to taste. It is a digital disruption strategy that you must build gradually. Instead of making creativity the goal, the companies should achieve and focus on things that enable creativity. Discuss with teams and create milestones for capabilities that you want to achieve as a company. Let technology play the side role when you innovate.

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