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How to Fight Perfectionism with Emotional Intelligence?

Competitive spirit is riding high across industries and functions but sometimes the strive to be perfect in everything you do can have a crippling effect on you. Perfectionism can get in the way of your progress or achievement without even letting you know about it. The result could be that you are so afraid of making mistakes that you completely shift your focus from the end goals to error-proofing.

In this article at The Enterprises Project, Sanjay Malhotra explains how perfectionism can affect your ability to learn. The author even suggests the use of agile development practices to counter the effect of perfectionism. Agile emphasizes the importance of making iterations every time you make a mistake, thereby making you learn and become more adaptable. Sanjay opines that emotional intelligence comprises the best mix of curiosity, persistence, collaboration, and empathy that is necessary to drive agility in teams.

The Four Sides of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence focusses on your strengths and limits and how you can leverage them to let go of the perfectionist approach and thought patterns. Here’s how:


Emotionally intelligent people are not afraid to accept their mistakes, ask queries and find out new solutions to their issues. They are curious enough to explore new methods of executing a task and upgrade their learning curve.


It is common for all of us to feel frustrated at some point while striving to achieve our end goals. Frustrations can often originate from our own actions like mistakes, setbacks, external dependencies, or procrastination but emotionally intelligent individuals never stop trying. However, a perfectionist can often let go of the task due to the fear of failing again.


A perfectionist will always shy away from sharing his or her failures. On the contrary, emotionally intelligent people will share their experiences as well as accept the insights and solutions that others offer them.


Emotionally intelligent people can empathize with themselves and realize that they are going to fail at some point. They even understand that they can do damage control and move forward.

It is evident that you cannot control everything but the desire to learn and persistence can always help you in achieving the end goals. To read the original article in full, click on the link here –

Priyanka Chakraborty

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