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How Project Managers Can Get Things Done Faster and Effectively

Project managers make decisions, mitigate risks, compile reports, and manage teams and clients. To get it done in one day after myriads of meetings leads to frequent late nights. In her blog, Susanne Madsen provides 6 tips to help project managers get things done faster and effectively.

Enhancement Tips for Project Managers

Project managers are the least acknowledged people. Project failure is the only time when top management notices their presence. To make their life easier, here are the things they can follow to get things done faster and effectively:

Reduce Unnecessary and Reactive Work: Project managers spend time in three types of tasks mainly—productive, unnecessary, and reactive. Productive work involves collecting client requirements. Unnecessary work is reading through irrelevant emails. Reactive tasks are issues with little or no value. A McKinsey report reveals that professionals spend 60 percent of their time on web surfing and communicating electronically. 30 percent spend in reading and responding to emails. Though technology improved connectivity, project managers must inculcate habits to be more proactive.

Improve Your Deep Work: As per Cal Newport’s Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, deep work is the focus. You should concentrate more by ignoring all distractions. Meanwhile, shallow work like social media networking is unnecessary and does not require strenuous cognitive activities. Focus on deep work to get things done faster.

Utilize Connectivity to Your Advantage: While open offices and collaboration tools help to stay connected, they also distract project managers. The urge to quickly check a new email can shift focus from the original task. It takes a lot to concentrate back on the original task. As per Boston Consulting Group, switching off emails for an entire day a week reduces performance gap. On the contrary, it increases interpersonal communication and better deliverables.

Work Around Productive Hours: Project managers cannot eradicate shallow work, so they should concentrate on deep work for the remainder of their bandwidth. To extend this time period of heavy concentration, think about the tangible outcomes of your work. Practicing this daily will automate your thought process to ignore distractions.

Switch Off Your Work Mode After Office: Once out of office, do not check your inbox, prepare formal conversations, or think about managing a pending work. Continuous thoughts about work even after office hours tires your brain. You are not allowing it to replenish the lost energy as well as creativity. So, when you return to work the next day, you feel you have never left the building.

Control Your Inclination to Distraction: Project managers must control the urge to look at social media while they are working. Schedule a time zone when you will look at your phone and concentrate on work even when bored.

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