How Can CIOs Make a Demanding Customer Happy?

An unhappy customer can cause enough trouble for an organization that may reflect on the business growth. Even though CIOs’ role is to resolve internal matters, the modern business and growing number of demanding customers are reasons enough for them to find ways to woo the customer.

In this article at The Accidental Successful CIO, Dr. Jim Anderson explains that CIOs spend most of their time analyzing and reassessing the IT needs of the organization. They try to figure out ways to automate and maintain the cybersecurity of the organization.

CIO’s Role

Being the top leaders of the company, the CIOs are bound to meet the escalating demands of the customers. The customers demand more personalized products within their estimated budget and time. These growing demands have elevated the stakes for CIOs, who are in charge of managing the IT.

Technology is gradually evolving to suffice the growth needs of the business and being the IT leaders, CIOs must take more interest in customer experience management.

Overseeing the Project

As the demanding customers continue dominating the IT industry, it is the duty of the CIOs to learn the best ways to deal with them. To meet customer demands, if the organization has to customize its products and make them unique, then the CIOs need to oversee such initiatives.

They must also maintain the confidentiality of the product to keep the growing market competition under control. The author explains it in length with a case study about Chinese Electronics Technology Group and Microsoft CIO. Click on the following link to read the case study:


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