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High-Performing Team: Great Motivation to Work

Those who are part of a high-performing team for long would never realize its value as much as the ones sailing the lone boat. In the business world, high performing teams are the biggest motivation behind getting back to work daily.

A high-performing team not only brings fresh ideas on the table, but it also represents a series of the competitive and upbeat squad. In this article at Lead Change, Julia Felton explains that whenever leaders overexert themselves in improving or setting high standards for the team, the effectiveness may fall apart.


To lead and understand the specifics of a high-performing team, focus on measuring and evaluating the extent to which team members may willingly go an extra mile. Here are some key dimensions to focus on to form a high-performance team:

  1. Right Chemistry: Teams lacking diversity is a common phenomenon, and it is the duty of a team leader to help the team leverage the myriad of skillsets each individual is bringing on the table. This way, the leaders can find great chemistry among each team member.
  2. Right Set of Rules: While building teams, it becomes challenging for the leaders to set and manage the rules of engagement. The best rules must have a specified team goal, rules of operation, and well-defined responsibilities of each individual.
  3. Trust & Vulnerability: Lack of trust is the main cause of failure. Therefore, it is essential to remain vulnerable and share experiences to establish a connection between the team members. Sharing similar experiences within the team may fuel personal connectivity and trust.
  4. No More Waste of Time: Even though meetings are the best way to pass information, they are a sheer waste of time, if poorly structured. Therefore, to achieve the desired outcomes of the meetings, keep them short and crisp while encouraging the team to brainstorm ideas prior to the meeting. Let the specific meeting time remain focused on discussing the ideas brought to the table by each individual.
  5. Encourage to Take up Challenges: A competitive team is formed with a group of competitive minds. Therefore, encouraging healthy competition among team members is the best way to fuel creativity and innovation.

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