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Do Project Managers Need Technical Knowledge Now?

Project managers usually are involved in people management and have less technical knowledge. However, it is important to have some technical background if you are managing a software development team. In this article at Open Sense Labs, Shankar discusses whether project managers need technical knowledge now.

Technical Knowledge and Project Managers

Leo Hopf and William Welter’s Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition discusses how project managers must learn new skills to support company growth. Not only do they channelize and guide team members they also create cross-functional rapport and address dependency issue. Moreover, project success is directly linked to their ability to manage. With sufficient technical knowledge, project managers can decide what the IT team should do next.

When Technical Knowledge Is a Necessity:

To be effective digital managers, technical knowledge is necessary for some sectors. As per a 2018 PMI report, 72 percent of PMO leaders think professional certifications are important for project managers. These would enhance their professional skills related to technology as well as leadership. In fact, by 2027, organizations would need 87.7 million project managers. Market leaders are already investing in enhancing the skills of their resources as new projects would require better talents on board.

The Ground Reality:

For a smaller organization, project managers might need typing a few lines of coding apart from their regular managerial duties. For a bigger firm, they can concentrate on their primary responsibilities. Sometimes, leaders with a technical background can hinder project progress when they start proofreading every code before finalizing a delivery. Nevertheless, managers of both calibers are required today. Several websites offer technical training that non-technical managers can look up. It can lead to quicker project delivery due to informed decision-making and increase efficiency in team management skills. If nothing, it is adding another feather in their cap.

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