Books: An Inspirational Quest for CIOs and IT Leaders

Great leadership, especially in the case of CIOs and IT leaders, comes from meaningful experience and extensive knowledge. However, the competitive spirit of delivering the best can be stressful for CIOs and might leave them looking out for opportunities or alternative approaches to lead. They might wish to explore new horizons in their own technology domain but lack an inspiration to do so. In such circumstances, a book can be the best companion for an IT lead or CIO to get inspired.

In this article at CIO, the author, Cristina Lago enlists eight enthralling books that could help the C-suite IT professionals lead their transformational journey.

The Charm

Books can change the way you perceive things or apply a certain strategy. Overall, they can deliver a life-changing experience. Here are some books that talk about practical approaches, different ideologies and advices to lead technological innovation, digital transformation, and so on:

The Digital Matrix: Venkat Venkatraman

This book throws light on three different perspectives of driving digital transformation comprising the business landscapes, companies and strategies.

Women in Tech: Tarah Wheeler

This wonderful book shares some success stories of women leaders in the technology space and how they have contradicted the social bias.

Chaos Monkeys: Antonio García Martínez

This could be an eye-opener for any CIO who is willing the explore the inner picture of the existing work culture in Silicon Valley.

The Rise of the Robots: Martin Ford

This book provides a long-term vision into the future of employment landscape due to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) beside listing out the benefits that the society can reap out of AI.

The CIO Paradox: Martha Heller

This is an excellent masterpiece that can help a CIO strike a perfect balance between his contradictory responsibilities like cost cutting vs. innovation and strategy planning vs. operations management.

Radical Technologies: Adam Greenfield

This volume shares the technological implications that are distressing the IT executives and society along with relationships that we share with these technological wonders.

IT Leadership Manual: Alan R Guibord

If, as a leader, you are willing to revamp your management style and face the challenges that are looming dark then this book is your best bet.

The CIO Playbook: Nicholas R Colisto

Any C-suite professional’s journey is incomplete with this book. This is complete guide on all leadership aspects, be it collaboration, planning, innovation, delivery, support, protection and growth.

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