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Are You Doing Your C-suite Presentations Right?

As you move up the managerial ladder, new roles and responsibilities get added to your work portfolio. One crucial task among them is to make presentations to the senior management, especially the C-suite. However, while doing so, it is always necessary to remember that not all presentations are same. The art of making a presentation is much more than depicting simple project information to the seniors. It rather involves careful consideration with respect to the audience it caters to, the purpose of the meeting, any issue or task at hand, futuristic expectations, and so on.

In this article at Girl’s Guide to PM, Leigh Espy showcases the art of making presentations and how it differs based on circumstances.

Why Different?

Espy states that the C-suite of professionals comprise the CEO, Chief Operating Officer, CFO, etc. who prefer to look at the broader picture of projects or tasks rather than sticking to the minute details. Their focus and needs are unlike your managers or project peers.

How Different?

Here’s a quick snapshot of how the C-suite presentations differ from the project management presentations

The Beginning: While engaging peers in your project, you tend to start with stories about the purpose of the project to get their buy-in. During C-suite presentations, you won’t get that much time so it’s important to stick to the main points as a summary and tell them your necessity.

Intermediate: You can take your own sweet time to run the presentation with your peers while informing and entertaining them simultaneously in a logical order. But, with C-suite people, keep your presentation short, be clear about the goals, be ready for drilldown, and get to the bottom line as soon as possible.

The Closure: Unlike peer presentations, don’t run the usual practice of having a Q&A session in the end. End with an inspirational quote or call-to-action. Close with a quick summary of what the presentation was about (as a quick recap).

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