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A Quick Look: The ‘Upbringing’ Effect on Leadership

As a person, your lifestyle or the way you do things is affected by a great many factors. The way you are brought up can define the way how you treat others, your opinions, relationships, and so on. In fact, your upbringing has a major impact on your leadership style as well – it can tell you whether you are a good leader or not. Unlike the past notions that linked a person’s background to future wealth and job prospects only, new researches indicate the link between leadership style and a person’s upbringing. That means a wealthy background doesn’t necessarily imply effective leadership quality.

In this article at Forbes, Katherine Bowers suggests that the common theory of ‘wealth equals effective leadership’ is wrong.

The Psychological Belief

It is true to believe that a rich and wealthy person has all the resources to pursue a fruitful, enriching career. However, the same person might not be an effective leader once he or she assumes a position of authority and power.

Wealth vs. Need

The kids who have seen the struggle for survival tend to be more polite in their approach with others and manage their relationships with care as they need to rely on each other to make both the ends meet. They empathize with people and manage their reputation among groups very well.

On the contrary, children who are brought up in a luxurious or wealthy household are more independent while handling things. They tend to ignore what others need and rather concentrate on their own self (just like a narcissist).

The Consequences

Nowadays the workplace culture is more about collaboration, emotional intelligence and empathy. Thus, a narcissistic approach or leadership style is less likely to work in such circumstances. People would love to work with a person who is more approachable, empathetic, optimistic, and responsive.

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