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Women Project Managers: Taking the Helm

Once considered as male-dominated space, project management is now seeing the emergence of women taking the lead. This revolutionary change can bring better outcomes for the organizations by improving the rate of project success.

In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author explains why women make better managers than men. Women can gather from embarking on their own entrepreneurial venture to handling any drowning project.

Women: Born Leaders 

Women are known for their sensitive intuition and hiring a female manager may somewhat turn more beneficial in engaging the entire team to advance in their assigned work. Here are some other reasons that make women the best project managers:

  1. Great Communicators: Using their communication skills, women can get an edge over men in project management. Being assertive without turning as abrasive, the women project managers can easily get buy-in from senior management that may help the team and PMO.
  2. An Environment for People to Thrive: A woman project manager can groom her team well. Her innate ability to nurture and help the team build up required skills may translate to better career growth for each individual in the team. She is efficient in getting people together to work towards a shared purpose, which means fewer delays and on-time project delivery.
  3. Seeing the Flip Side: An efficacious project manager can look at things from a macro perspective. Being more sensitive and empathetic, female project managers can use this in their favor.
  4. Keeping it Simple: By steering clear of technical jargon, a woman project manager is capable of simplifying the complex matters. Keeping things straightforward leaves very minimal room for misinterpretation.
  5. Multitasking: Inherently good multitasker, a woman project manager can easily juggle between multiple deliverables and process myriad project requirements.

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