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Tips to Create a Stellar Quick Pitch for Investors

In the world of business, opportunities surround literally everywhere. All you need to do is, remain attentive and the person next to you may bring you a business opportunity.

In this article at, Donna Griffit explains that being attentive may not be sufficient, so be armed with a perfect story to pitch your venture.

Series of Quick Pitch

Now, as you create a full investor deck it is crucial to have a series of quick pitches to get your ideas across in a much clear and powerful manner to the clients to understand. However, narrating your story in a few minutes that too in a much captivating manner might sound effortless but it is not. It requires a lot of preparation, practice, and ideas to impress potential investors. Here is a step-by-step guide to a quick pitch:

  1. Grab them at the Get-Go: Start with a story that illustrates the existing problems or market gap. Something that resonates with the investors, makes them identify, nod, or feel that you understand your target consumers. However, do not over tell the story or make it too lengthy.
  2. Simplify Your Solution: Consider each opportunity as your last chance to grab investors’ attention. The last thing you should do is talk about your product, service, or solution in a formal, boring way. Explain your ideas simply to let everyone understand it easily.
  3. Proof That It Works: Before investing in your ideas, the potential investors want proof that it will actually work. Take this opportunity to quote an example of how your other clients have benefitted from your solution. Use a couple of testimonials to prove your product’s efficiency.
  4. Why You & Now? Define your USPs and what sets you apart from other existing products or services in the market without bashing your competitors. Quote a pressing reason why potential investors should invest in your product. Showcase how you open up a new avenue of opportunity for them.
  5. End With Action: Your target investors may not sign a cheque immediately or buy on the spot, but if you can elicit the next step, there is a much better chance of closing the deal. Hence, end the conversation at a point where they give you a suitable time to call or schedule another meeting. Do not push them too hard.

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