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PPM Tools: Smart Choice to Advance Project Manager’s Career

The stressful job of project managers sometimes make them disoriented and detached from the real world. They become the facilitators of the organizations instead of acting like managers.

In this article at Projectric, Sabine Zimmer explains how project portfolio management (PPM) tools can help project managers advance their role from a facilitator with limited organizational value to a manager with demonstrable achievements of strategic goals.

Conquering Challenges

The project managers are always asked to do more than possible with minimum resources. They are bound to ensure if the projects are approved, improved and hold the right reporting transparency and governance. PPM tools help them leverage the benefits of an end-to-end solution. By utilizing the capabilities of the solution, project managers can take corrective actions, beneficial to the overall project portfolio and the organization. The intuitive PPM tools also help the project managers in these capabilities:

  1. Project Approval: Project managers need tools to ensure the project methodologies are aligned with corporate strategies and portfolio goals.
  2. Timesheet Management: PPM tools help them maintain cost and expense data in a unified manner that allows easy input through web-based templates.
  3. Resource Allocation: Tools give a top-down view of project status and allow milestone tracking to manage initiatives keeping the portfolio in mind.
  4. Top-Down Reporting: PPM tools provide access to all the data to the project managers from project selection criteria to budgeted results. Everything is well-recorded and accessed by project managers.

The author believes that to improve the project manager’s performance from quantitative to qualitative, PPM tools play a major role. These tools help them to formalize and develop a PMO. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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