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No Workplace Harassment! Say it Loud CIOs

As the #MeToo campaign gained enough heat in India’s biggest entertainment industry in the recent past, the movement has clearly left a lasting impact on other industries too. It has given enough courage to the honest survivors to openly share their ordeal.

In this article at The Accidental Successful CIO, Dr. Jim Anderson explains that a CIO needs to consider the possibility of sexual harassment at work with utmost sincerity. They must take enough initiative to ensure that something like this should not happen in the first place.

#MeToo: Tarnish Repute

The wave of revelation has brought nothing new in the limelight. For years, employees holding powerful positions have been harassing their co-workers and it was an open secret. However, being the CIO of the firm, it is your duty to ensure that your staff feels open and safe in your supervision. You need to clearly communicate and train your subordinates to notify any inappropriate behavior experienced or noticed at work. Sexual harassment is not just an incident that may tarnish the reputation of an employee, but it clearly keeps the company’s reputation at stake that CIOs cannot afford to lose. Thereby, make an extra effort beyond informing your female or male co-workers about it. Instead of creating a workplace culture of tolerance, acceptance, and civility, make goals of establishing a work environment of equality and respectful teamwork.

Powerful Training

Many firm end up explaining the law to the staff on the name of training in a bid to avoid being sued. However, the real training must include ways to establish a more respectful work culture and make the staff open enough to complain about unacceptable behavior. Now, being the CIO of your company, it is your duty to take additional steps like holding a healthy discussion with the employees to extend them an opportunity to come together and voice their opinion about it. You can form teams of employees to talk about this problem as ‘complicit silence’ is the root of unfortunate incidents. Click on the following link to read the original article:


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