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Improve Project Visibility with 3 Basic Visual Tools

Project visibility is important to get stakeholder buy-ins faster. What better way to present project information than with charts and graphs? In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy discusses 3 basic but brilliant ways to improve project visibility.

Attaining Project Visibility

Charts and graphs are great visual tools to communicate project-related information with teams, stakeholders, and vendors. The colorful display breathes life into the otherwise bland data as well as increase project visibility. The viewers do not have to work hard to understand the provided information. You can easily communicate your project status and make your presentation impactful. Following are the ways you can improve project visibility with 3 basic but brilliant visual tools:

The Conventional Bar Graph: One of the popular visual tools, bar graphs compare information between two or multiple sets. Each bar represents a single set of information in a single bar graph for better project visibility. For example, the management wants to know how various teams have adapted to the newly implemented software solution. If team B has the highest adoption rate, the bar representing it would tower over other teams’ bars.

The Line Graph Display: This graph displays the changes that occurred throughout the course of a project’s time period in a single line. The multiple data points are represented as dots. When you join the dots, you get the line chart. You can also add more information for detailed project visibility. For example, if defects are lessening after shifting to Agile, you can mark the Agile implementation point. You can also use a stacked line graph to show the relationship between two individual sets of data.

Rating with Pie Chart: This chart is one of the most popular visual tools that is used to display information in percentage. However, the pie chart has its limitations, it cannot display the results of multiple sets. The visual chart provides high-value project visibility by showcasing budget breakdown. You can use multiple pie charts to display the adoption rate between departments in different quarters.

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