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Hacks to Charge Productivity Outside Office

With the advent of cafes offering seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and space to work, the 21st century has gifted us the flexibility to work from any location. Today’s generation knows how to fix any office related issue even while not being physically present next to their bosses. However, the only flaw in this new arrangement is reduced productivity.

In this article at Task Que, Yousuf Rafi explains that being in a flexible work schedule can hit your productivity in a big way. Therefore, follow some hacks to get your act together and offer much-improved productivity to your company.

Supercharge Yourself

The new trend of working outside the workplace has brought some issues to notice like reduced productivity of the employees, lack of focus, duplication of work, etc. To keep all these issues at bay, try to make old methods work in a new design. Think of ways to improve your productivity by just implementing these easy hacks in your routine:

  1. Believe in Yourself: Make yourself believe that you are not drained-out and your mind is not tired after work, even after a challenging day. It just needs some simulation to change its state. What you can do is shift the psychology of your brain by reminding yourself constantly that you are not exhausted at all.
  2. Hack Your Free Time: The way you kill your free time determines your propensity to improve in the years to come. When you are not traveling or doing something, your active brain will provoke you to waste energy and time on unproductive things. Therefore, break the chains and do something which can help you move closer to your goals.
  3. Pick a Hobby: It is high time to take up that hobby and do something good out of it. Be it writing, cooking, photography, or playing any musical instrument, just go for it now. When you do something that you love, you feed your ‘brain cells’. Once it is improved, it directly impacts your productivity by multiple times.
  4. Eliminate Distractions: Digitization is a strong reason to distract your mind. Think social media or the in-between small projects that strive for attention while your hands are tied with one big project. When you know that you have one task to do, it gets easy to complete it without depleting your energy reserves elsewhere.
  5. Retrospect: To lead in life, you need to reflect daily on your life and focus on the achievements of the day. Take out the last 10 minutes of each day and consider how close you were to reach your target. Find out the repetitive tasks that rain over your focus, and delegate them with an online task management tool.

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