Get Your Boss Excited About Your Idea

As per usual, your boss has a lot going on, so how do you get him or her to stop and pay more attention to your great idea? In this article in, Karin Hurt David Dye gives us seven ways in which to do just do that.

Seven Ways to Get Your Boss Excited

  1. Smash your Core Responsibilities: You may have great ideas, but if you don’t carry out your core responsibilities in a satisfactory manner, your boss may not pay attention to what you have to say. You don’t want hurdles such as “He can’t get his regular work done.” Or, “Her performance scorecard is in the bottom 10%” to prevent your voice from being heard.
  2. In Line with Strategic Priorities: If your ideas are aligned to the company’s MIT (Most Important Thing) strategic priorities, it is more likely to be noticed and implemented.
  3. Share a Clear Benefit Statement: Articulate your idea in clear benefit statements such as this idea:
    1. reduces customer wait time by X minutes.
    2. will increase cross-functional collaboration and enable us to quickly identify best practices.
    3. will eliminate 13% of compliance-related human errors.
    4. will make your boss’ job easier by XXX.
  4. Immediate Win: A proof-of-concept in the here and now is likely to get your boss more excited than the five-year impact. Therefore, prepare a pilot showcase, and then scale it to show extended impact.
  5. Specify Risks and Challenges: Spend time thinking about why your idea may not work and question trusted advisors on the subject. Then, when making the pitch to your boss, address these challenges along with solutions.
  6. Solid Execution Strategy: Don’t simply dump your idea on your boss, take responsibility for how it can be executed as well.
  7. Describe your Role in Execution: Specifically, describe what needs to happen, and how you see your role in the idea ’s execution – this will likely get your boss excited.

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Sapna Hiremath

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