5 Leadership Reality Checks That You Must Be Aware of

Leadership is something that even experienced leaders fail to fathom. The moment you think you have it all chalked out, it spirals out of control. You are back to square one, unsure of how to respond. In this article at Forbes, Trever Cartwright gives you 5 reality checks about leadership.

Leadership Realities that True Leaders Learn

You can never put a stop to learning in leadership. While it gives you enormous power, it teaches you humility, and the feeling is common across the world. Following are the 5 reality checks that you will realize when you become a true leader:

An Ongoing Process: You cannot have a checklist of things that you can tick off for leadership. It is a continuous journey and you must be ready to learn from each experience. It is not limited to office hours nor does a certification get its essence. Each leader experiences enlightened moments and combining these throughout one’s life leads to maturation of the process.

Representative Value: Being a leader can mean a lot of things, but it cannot be forceful. What you do not believe in cannot form a part of your leadership style or philosophy. You should have a set of values that form the core part of your being. These values help you in making tough decisions like standing up for teammates when they are wronged. If your core message is vague, the teammates will not know what to follow.

The Toughest Job Ever: James O’Toole talked about leadership in his book Leadership from A to Z. “Of all the activities that take place in an organization, leadership is by far the hardest and most important.” It entails making firm decisions when people are undecided. Though leaders cannot be born with the skills, they must have capabilities for it. It is tough and takes courage to take the role up.

Believing in Other’s Capabilities: Apart from being an inspiration, actual leaders encourage others to shine. The author asked several senior executives what they think their position really means. One explanation from a Californian executive had an insightful truth to it. For her, it is “being the kind of person who treats people as though they already were what they’re capable of becoming.”

It’s All About Your Perspective: The position offers several benefits like an individual cabin, free parking lot, etc. You know by now that these do not make a leader. You can lead a team even while sitting among your colleagues and without a designation.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevercartwright/2019/03/07/five-universal-truths-of-leadership/?ss=leadershipstrategy#b5caad2bc118

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