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5 Hacks for Successful Digital Transformation

The notion behind digital transformation (DX) is to use technology to re-create a process that becomes more effective. It is not just about transforming an existing service but improving it into a better digital version.

In this article at Tech Republic, Alison DeNisco Rayome explains that DX is more than just adding new technology as a part of the transformation, it is changing the way employees think.

Widen Digital Efforts

As per the recent research from the Project Management Institute (PMI), about 80 percent of organizations are undertaking substantial DX while only 25 percent of them reap its tangible benefits. To reap the maximum benefit of the DX, C-Suite Executives or IT leaders, project managers, all must partner. Also, these hacks for successful digital transformation may help:

  1. Set Clear Goals & ROI Metrics: Digitization includes the business-wide use of new technologies to transform how work gets done in an organization. Setting clear goals can help in demonstrating the real value of projects and the ROI it can bring.
  2. Active Involvement of Executive Sponsors: The C-suite sponsors must get actively involved in digital projects as their limited support may cause project failure.
  3. Elevate the Role of Project Manager: Evolved from an operational role to a strategy delivery role, a project manager can bring his or her expertise on strategy, innovation, and communication. Technical skills are just a part of what project managers need to lead the process of DX.
  4. Adopt a Formal Approach: Choose the best-fit approach to the project needs and help the organization minimize risks, control costs, and increase values.
  5. Invest in Project Management: The IT and business leaders must back their project management professionals by extending the desired tools, trainings, and skills required to make the organizations most effective.

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