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3 Ways to Manage Passwords Effectively

A Cyber Risk Analytics report says that hackers stole 4.2 billion account credentials in 2016. Majority of these breaches happen due to lack of cybersecurity hygiene and awareness. In this article at Business 2 Community, Matt Schmidt discusses 3 ways that you can manage them effectively.

Password: The Key to Your Digital Safety

Have you ever used the same key to lock your office as well as your home? Why do you use the same password to lock your office computer and home security network then? Your online accounts need more security. Following are the 3 ways to manage them effectively:

Harmony in Difference: The lethargy to remember various credentials make people use variations of the same password for several accounts. Hackers run programs to guess an addition or subtraction of that single letter or character you used to separate passwords. Different passwords can prevent them from getting access to multiple accounts. Each credential should be unique.

Rules to Create Credentials: To create a strong password, you can follow some basic rules. It should have at least 16 characters. Include a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols to increase difficulty for attackers. Have different passwords for different accounts, as suggested above. If you have difficulty remembering them, use password managers like LastPass that can generate and store passwords for you.

Password Managers: These applications generate passwords that are unpredictable and hard to guess. You can store all of them in one account and access by syncing secured devices with the password managers. Premium versions of these managers will offer more secure options. You just have to remember one password to access all of them for all your accounts. Just be careful that you do not forget the primary credentials to prevent getting locked out of your own account.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.business2community.com/cybersecurity/how-to-easily-manage-your-passwords-02174530

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