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3 Biases That Impair Project Management Decision-Making

Making decisions is a big part of project management and making correct and timely ones are imperative. Understanding the factors that resulted in those conclusions is then your duty. In this article at a Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Chris Cook warns of 3 biases that impair project management decision-making.

Biases Associated with Project Management

In project management, a project depends on your decision-making abilities. How you vision the project and set the course for the team matter for the project’s success. So, know the biases that restrict you from taking good decisions and prevent them from clouding your judgment. Following are the 3 biases that impair project management decision-making:

  1. Guilt: Project managers take bad decisions at times. You might have not taken action on time or took a wrong one and it haunts you for months. However, taking hasty decisions due to a past mistake is a severe project management decision-making bias. So, let bygones be bygones. List all the possible courses you can take for information collected, sleep on it, and decide based on that information only.
  2. Regression to Mean: While guilt occurs after encountering the indecision consequences, regression to mean occurs when your team is working full-steam. There will be times when team members are highly charged, and you are delivering at top speed. You also must prepare for times when team productivity is low. Rewards for a job well done and the penalty for underperformance are short-term.
  3. The Impression of Being in Control: People new to project management roles often misinterpret their job role. While you decide the project tasks, deadlines, and directions, it is your team members that come together to implement it. Though the fear of power can help you get the job done, it is a short-term effect. Follow what you preach and the team will go to the world’s end with you. Be responsible for your actions and the team will feel inspired to take ownership.

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