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Use These 4 Lessons for a Successful Change Management

People notice change management only twice—when they can observe changes and when things go wrong. Change cannot be drastic nor casual. In this article at Quartz, Cate Huston talks about 4 lessons for successful change management.

Change Management Lessons Learned

While the effectiveness of change management depends on the managers and the managed, common lessons apply to all. Following are the 4 factors for successful change management:

  1. Team Over Individual: When it to comes to change management, a team effort is more important than individual ones. A single person cannot do all the work. If you want others to work with you, make an effort to explain your vision to them.
  2. High-Performers Struggle Too: This might seem unrealistic but high-performers struggle as much as the underperformers. The latter ones are still struggling with the current state of affairs when you introduce another one. Meanwhile, the existing strategy is working fine for high-performers. They do not understand why you need to change it. Convey to underperformers what they must do and explain to high-performers why they need to do it. Since high-performers are team role models, their validation matters the most. Listen to their inhibitions, remove their doubts, and earn their buy-ins for successful change management.
  3. Processes Should Add Value: If your team has good coordination skills, adding a stand-up call to their busy schedule is a bad decision. Processes should add value. There might be other reasons for failed processes. The underlying reason behind failed retrospectives or stand-up calls might be a lack of unity in the team. Address those first before implementing processes for change management.
  4. Mistakes Are Okay: Sometimes changes can give bad results. Let the team know it is okay to make mistakes. They should own it up and make better plans. If you tell them off for their blunders, those issues will never come to you until major failures happen.

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