CIOs, Brace Yourself to Face 4 Challenges in 2019

CIOs must bring about business transformation by working on outcomes, agility, and customer experience. However, with problems in resource allocation, budget, and legacy systems, the journey is littered with failure mines. In this article at Information Age, Michael Baxter lists 4 challenges that CIOs must be prepared to encounter in 2019.

Challenges CIOs Must Address

Though new technologies are popular and available, CIOs still face challenges in terms of integration, usage, and stakeholder support. Despite such huge issues, you must move ahead and take all the support you get. Following are the 4 challenges that CIOs must be ready for in 2019:

Lack of In-House Skills: Even to this date, CIOs must call up vendors to make the slightest of modifications in the newly installed applications. It costs money and they must adjust to the vendor’s client management skills. You need to enhance in-house skills to be able to customize applications with little or no third-party support. Have them as a backup but do not rely on them to run the entire operation on your behalf.

Integration Problems for Customer-Facing Platforms: To create a seamless customer experience, CRM and billing platforms must be integrated. CIOs face integration problems even with the fastest of the current cloud-based solutions. So, they must choose between making customers operate through a single window or take them down the long-winding processes. CIOs also face the trouble of opting between an integrated ERP system and individual solutions best in their field. Technology vendors are coming to terms with this issue and creating integrated solutions by partnering with other popular vendors. The zero-integration applications are allowing companies to offer plug and play products with no integration issues.

Software with 90% Features: CIOs encounter such solutions and they need to implement them because those fulfill most of the in-house requirements. In the long-term, such investments will be a waste. You need to train in-house skills so that they can utilize your technology for all areas of their tasks. Ensure that you invest in technologies that give a better user experience. The customer base will increase based on that.

Solutions Not Future-Ready: Often, CIOs are forced to invest in solutions that serve immediate goals but do not serve the company’s long-term vision. Convince the board of directors about the benefits of investing in a solution that can scale in the future.

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