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Why You Should Ditch Resolutions in Favor of Goals in 2019

In this article in, Prudy Gourguechon explains why we should endeavor to set goals for ourselves in the New Year, instead of resolutions.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Guaranteed to Fail

Behaviors aren’t merely habits: Behaviors are deeply rooted and embedded in our psychological, social and neurocircuitry systems. As such, they are a product of our individual personalities, temperaments and more. Therefore, they cannot be easily changed or eliminated.

The problem with avoiding things: We often choose a decrease in anxiety over facing up to something that makes us uncomfortable or anxious. Over time, long-term avoidance can lead to increased anxiety, and it is this we have to come to face-to-face with, if we are to break bad habits or behaviors – this isn’t always easy.

Ditching behaviours that make you feel better: When we ditch things such as eating, drinking and smoking which make us feel better (when we need picking up), we are left with an unfillable void. Therefore, we regress and slip into old habits soon enough.

Taking in new behaviours: This is tough as well, as you’re going against your temperament, your body’s instincts and your unconscious emotional life.

Before you go about setting goals, list your accomplishments from the past year. This will make you feel less anxious, more focused and more optimistic about the year ahead.

Why Goals Work Better Than Resolutions

Resolutions are psychologically unrealistic and too vague to be motivated into action. Often, its main function is to serve as a punishment, and it’s not essentially doable.

Now, go about setting achievable goals instead, and then break them down into tasks that can be accomplished in a finite amount of time. Further, try and formulate tasks – this will make it difficult for you to fail. To sum up, make one resolution: to always stick to achievable goals, and break them down into doable tasks.

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