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Tips for Better Project Management Meetings

In her article appearing in, Lindsay Scott gives us some practical tips (gleaned from The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker) on how we can excel at shaping group dynamics and collective conversations at work gatherings and meetings. Let’s take a look at them below.

The Purpose

Why we’re meeting is an obvious place to start. For instance, a project status meeting on the surface seems to suggest a meeting to see ‘where we’re at’. When it is a templated meeting such as this, people pretty much know what to expect and attend with a pre-set mindset. The onus is now on the manager to call the meeting with a real purpose in mind, and not be restricted by formats and templates. The real purpose will guide the gathering and should be geared towards results.

The Structure

Changing the formats and structures of gatherings can lead us to the desired outcomes. Moving away from the rituals and norms can help provide the results we need.

The Size

The purpose of the meeting can guide the number of people invited to the gathering. Here are some guides:

  • 6 people: lends itself to intimacy and a high level of sharing
  • 12 to 15 people: 12 still allows a level of intimacy, while 15 gives more diversity
  • 30 is a party and is too big to lend itself to single conversations
  • 150 is a conference type gathering, where you could still meet every single person there

The size dictates the room used for the gathering, but you must not be hemmed in by the intended purpose of the venue. There is plenty of merit in changing up venues and ‘displacement’, in an effort to obtain different results.

The Enforcer

Merely stating the purpose, direction and ground rules of the meeting is nearly not enough. Instead, these things should be enforced in a congenial manner, where everyone is treated equally.

These tips can help provide marginal gains and should preferably be tried out one at a time. In conclusion, the precious time we devote to meetings should leave us feeling energised, engaged, fulfilled and happier, and we should do everything we can to achieve this.

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