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Questions to Help You Choose Right PPM Tools

PPM is a collection of multiple reports generated by analyzing objectives, risks, costs and resources of assorted projects. The right PPM tool can help the PMO or project managers in making better project decisions.

In this article at Bestoutcome, David Walton explains that selecting a PPM Tool can be uptight and challenging. To find the appropriate one, question yourself.

What’s the Need?

The right PPM tool can deliver huge benefits, but the wrong one may cost a significant waste of time, budget and productive resources. Here are top five questions that you should ask yourself while selecting a PPM tool for upcoming projects:

  • Does the PPM tool provide reports, or do you need to develop them?

The ideal PPM tool comes with a report writer and links to BI tools. This may help you develop your own reports exactly how you want them. If you fall short of resources to develop your own reports, try checking a reporting pack that comes with the tool.

  • Can you configure it yourself?

All PPM tools are configurable yet some need programming skills, flags or options to perform configuration. There is no one-size-fits-all. So, pick the one that does not need the expertise in programming skills.

  • Is the vendor financially stable?

Investing in a PPM tool also demands funds, time, and a significant amount of resources. Hence,

make sure the PPM vendor has a high credit rating. Beware of teetering on the brink financially.

  • Is the vendor certified and the data stored in the European Economic Area (EEA)?

As per the new law on data security, GDPR has been implemented in the EEA, intended to guard personal data. It means even a business email address is considered as personal data and most PPM systems will store all the information. The act has draconian fines if found breached. Thereby, it is vital to ask the PPM vendors if their data centre has ISO27001 accreditation.

  • Does the PPM integrate with Business Intelligence (BI) tools?

Look for a PPM tool that has a set of reports built in and the flexibility of using sophisticated BI tools. Do not assume that all products will be integrated with BI tools.

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