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Is Your Leadership Resisting New Ideas? 4 Ways to Prevent FOSU

FOSU is a common scenario in large companies where leadership dominates the scene. However, times are changing, and everyone must contribute to ramp up creativity. In this article at Entrepreneur, Karin Hurt and David Dye discuss 4 ways to prevent FOSU, the fear of speaking up.

Leadership and FOSU

There can be multiple ways your leadership is generating FOSU:

  • Your dominance and hold in the organizational affairs are not allowing others to speak up.
  • Managers that are not as trained or skilled enough are using their designation to remain relevant.
  • Communication and collaboration policies are outdated and do not support innovation.
  • To avoid losing important clients, people prefer to go with the flow.
  • Nobody has the time for new ideas when the company is running like a well-oiled machine.

4 Ways to Prevent FOSU

  • Fight Out the U.G.L.Y. Together: Go for a team outing. Find answers to “What are we Underestimating?” “What’s got to Go?” “Where are we Losing?” “Where are we missing the Yes?”
  • Stop Being the Know-It-All: You might have formed the team or helped shape the organization. However, it is now time for others to shine as well. You still will be the leader, but your leadership will now enable future leaders.
  • Listen and Respond More: Unresponsiveness is a common leadership style. It is an uncool way of saying that your time is more precious than the workforce toiling under you. You know the organization well, so you ignore suggestions that do align with the company goals. The problem is, the innovators do not know that you are even analyzing them. Take time to listen to the ideas and explain why it will or will not work. Ideas can come from unexpected quarters.
  • Encourage Sharing and Implementing Best Practices: MIT researcher Michael Schrage explained in an HBR article how they awarded employees for following best practices. The organization would reward people that influence cross-functional teams to incorporate their ideas. Another reward went to those that could implement cross-functional ideas successfully in their teams.

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