Improving Others’ Weaknesses

In this article appearing in LeadershipFreak.blog, Dan Rockwell tells us how we can come to terms with others’ weaknesses for the greater good.

Tolerance or Confrontation

Dan says that arrogant leaders confront people who don’t display their strengths and are sympathetic to others who have their own weaknesses. In essence, these arrogant leaders expect others to be more like themselves. Moreover, they promote people who are more like them. It’s their arrogance that makes their strengths the standard for excellence.


We should expect that others bring their best to challenges, not our best. As such, we should not hope that others will become more like us. What’s more, the perceived shortcomings of others may just be the thing you need. You are your most important contribution, just like they are their most important contribution.


Take the time to consider your own progress before setting expectations for others. For instance, while the initial meetings you conducted were a waste of time, with coaching and practice, they soon turned into worthwhile exercises. Similarly, while your first presentations were boring and scattered, practice and feedback soon enabled you to be better at it. Dan is also quick to add that some weaknesses can turn into strengths.

Another’s Weakness

When approaching another’s weakness, always assess their interest and commitment to improve. If they don’t care about improvement, this will lead to frustration on your part.

Therefore, ask the person in question the following questions:

  1. Where do you aspire to improve?
  2. What makes improvement important to you?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is improving in this area to you? (If they say 8, subtract 2 because they’re trying to please you.)

Click on the following link to view the original article in full: https://leadershipfreak.blog/2019/01/04/how-to-improve-weakness-in-others/


Sapna Hiremath

Sapna S Hiremath is currently working as a Content Specialist Lead for CAI Info India. With experiences of having worked for newspapers after pursuing a Master's in Mass Communication and Journalism, she has worked in the thriving fields of Search Engine Marketing, online shopping and healthcare. Being an avid traveler, she likes being in the serene landscapes of nature, but also likes being around friends.

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