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Identifying Your Company’s Keystone Employees

Eric J. McNulty, in his article appearing in, says that we need to seek out our keystone employees, if we are to find out which of our employees are the most valuable to the company. So, who are these keystone employees, and how do we identify them? Let’s find out.

Characteristics of Keystone Employees

  • They are often leaders, but may not always hold formal leadership roles in the organization
  • They wholeheartedly buy into the company’s mission and inspire others to follow their lead
  • Keystone employees can also be those people who spot potential in others and encourage them to make contributions – thereby displaying true leadership qualities
  • These employees are known to transmit the right brand essence to customers, in a way competitors can’t
  • A call center employee representing your company to the outside world could well be a valuable employee as well and should be treated as such
  • Employees or leaders charged with individual departments could also be your keystone employees
    • These department heads must finely balance quality care, cost containment, staffing, the client experience, and more
    • Besides this, they also need to establish essential connections and interdependencies with other parts of the organization
  • Keystone employees are great transmitters or translators of messages between internal and external groups and functions – they increase the signal-to-noise ratio

Many companies fail to recognize and identify their valuable employees because they are overly reliant and guided by the traditional hierarchical chart for importance recognition. Therefore, Eric encourages us to “Get away from the boxes and out into the “wild” of your organization and take an ecosystem view.” So, do go ahead and identify your valuable employees. Further, listen to them and develop them for the benefit of the organization as a whole.

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Sapna Hiremath

Sapna S Hiremath is currently working as a Content Specialist Lead for CAI Info India. With experiences of having worked for newspapers after pursuing a Master's in Mass Communication and Journalism, she has worked in the thriving fields of Search Engine Marketing, online shopping and healthcare. Being an avid traveler, she likes being in the serene landscapes of nature, but also likes being around friends.

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