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How Project Managers Can Build a Trustworthy Environment

A lack of trust between project team members and colleagues in an organization can provide for a corrosive and poisonous work environment. In this article appearing in, Marian Haus tells us how project managers can lead by example in an effort to build a trustworthy project environment.

Trust is a critical element to a project, as the opposite – a lack of trust, can erode commitment, engagement, and accountability, and this is far from desirable. Companies that understand this, have trust baked into their core values and corporate culture. As a result, they are benefitting from a trust influenced work culture.

Trust Tips for Project Managers

As mentioned before, project managers can champion the need for trust in a project, and here are a few tips on how they can do just that.

  • Take the time to ‘show’ and build trust, instead of expecting it unconditionally.
  • Treat yourself and others with respect. People will then follow your example.
  • Communicate clearly and openly, without any hidden agendas.
  • Be direct, fair and predictable in your actions and responses.
  • Front up and protect your team when adversities arise. Through this, they will know that they can count on you.
  • Delegate not only work and responsibility but accountability as well. This increases engagement and trust.
  • Back your team in the good times and even when the invariable mistakes occur.
  • Tolerate and admit mistakes. This will strengthen trust and promote learning and innovation.
  • Empower your team with the right tools to increase collaboration and share knowledge. This will break silos and improve the work climate.
  • If possible, get the team collocated (i.e., located in the same physical space). This will increase direct interactions between individuals, and keep people from hiding behind processes or tools.

If you, as a project manager, behave in a trustworthy manner, this will help you earn your team’s confidence. In turn, from their point of view, you will be considered as a reliable and effective leader, and someone they can turn to when so required.

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