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Don’t Fear the Robots

In this article appearing VentivTech.com, Genevieve Gonzalez, Director of Professional Service, Asia-Pacific, Ventiv, tells us why we shouldn’t fear the robots in the work and professional setting. Referring specifically to her experience with risk managers, she says that they are nervous about how innovation and automation will replace employees. However, Genevieve notes that the situation is quite different, rather than replacing employees, innovation and automation will enable people to be better at their jobs.


When discussing innovation with others, Genevieve noticed that there is plenty of uncertainty. This borne out of the media’s drive to portray robots as things that will replace employees. Genevieve however says that innovation and automation will act as enablers, rather than disablers.

Innovation: Challenges v/s. Benefits

Another stumbling block in the path to innovation adoption is the willingness to adopt. When certain departments aren’t profit centres, it’s hard to demonstrate a return on investment for the spend on technology. Besides this, there is a time factor – innovation adoption requires preparation and planning, and organizations are unwilling to allocate time and resources to enable this. However, as Genevieve describes, there are many benefits of embracing automation, these include:

  • More efficient & streamlined processes
  • Less time-consuming manual data entry
  • Less time spent chasing information around the business
  • An all-round more productive risk management service

What the Future Holds

Innovation is taking place! Therefore companies should take the time, and make the effort to embrace the new technology, as this will pay dividends in terms of operational efficiency.

Click on the following link to view the original article in full: http://blog.ventivtech.com/blog/dont-fear-the-robots-embracing-innovation-for-risk-management

Sapna Hiremath

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