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7 Cybersecurity Tips to Follow When You Are Traveling

Due to the rise in cybersecurity issues, there are certain rules that you must follow while traveling. This helps keep your devices safe and your information secure from the hackers. In this article at Norton, know the 7 cybersecurity tips to follow when you are traveling.

Improving Personal Cybersecurity Game

It becomes tough to find secure networks when you are traveling. However, this is the time when you should be on high alert. Here are the 7 cybersecurity tips to follow when you are traveling:

  1. Use Passwords: Mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets all come with security settings. You can set up a PIN number or your fingerprint ID to create a personal cybersecurity wall while traveling. Change it frequently so that hackers cannot breach your devices with an overused password.
  2. Beware of Free Wi-Fi Zones: Your mobile might not have internet access while traveling. So, you would want to use the free Wi-Fi facilities available in the airports or cafes. Those are not at all safe hotspots. Ask before connecting to the hotel Wi-Fi what security protocols they maintain. If it is unavoidable, do not log into financial accounts or open folders with sensitive data while you are online.
  3. Do Not Allow Auto-Connection: Though it lessens your effort of remembering the hotel password apart from several of yours, disable auto-connection. Change the settings of your laptop to manual connection to improve your cybersecurity efforts.
  4. Do Not Share Your Location Unnecessary: It can be tempting to share that you are on your way to Paris, but that makes the hacker’s job easy. Attackers can easily break into your house or hotel room to steal sensitive details.
  5. Anti-Virus Is a Must: There are quite a few anti-viruses in the market that can help maintain your cybersecurity protocols. Use a trusted brand and update the software regularly.
  6. Upgrade System OS Always: New operating systems come with security walls. With every upgrade, you get the basic cybersecurity measures for your devices. Never forget to miss on the updates.
  7. Turn Your Bluetooth Off: We do not use Bluetooth a lot nowadays, but an open network in the laptops and smartphones can be threatening. The hacker can transfer sensitive information from your smartphones while sitting right next to you.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://us.norton.com/internetsecurity-mobile-8-cyber-security-tips-for-business-travelers.html

To view a helpful article on password managers, you can visit the following link: https://www.passwordmanager.com/what-is-a-password-manager/

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