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Beware of Biggest Cyber Threats of 2019

Right from the beginning of yet another new year, IT challenges, risks and threats will be looming around the progressive organizations.

In this article at Wealth Management, Sid Yenamandra brings most promising cyber threats in the light which may impact growth and development of organizations in the year 2019.

The Past is Prologue

Cyber risks for 2019 are imminent and have been witnessed in the previous year 2018. Their roots are still spreading fast to capture the year ahead and making lives of many IT professionals tough as hell.

Reportedly, the year 2018 saw over 100 cyber breaches at organizations that people rely on blindly. The most glaring incidents have shaken or affected firms in diverse sectors including online retail, hospitality, banking, social media, and even online video gaming.

Given the pace of breaches in the last year, the year 2019 probably will see an even more intense cyber onslaught. Let’s take a look:

  1. Third-Party Vendors: Not necessary that your biggest risk remains within the house, the third party vendors offering software and services are the biggest threats in the year ahead. Thereby, submit third-party vendors to rigorous due diligence.
  2. Web & Mobile Apps: Even though mobile and web apps are essential to conducting business, yet these tools are liable to hacking. Be vigilant and careful while posting something on your websites and warn your clients too.
  3. Phishing Attacks: One of the constant threats, phishing relies on unsuspecting users clicking on a malicious web link, or various other ways. Hackers typically do this by aping somebody or lying about the sweepstakes.
  4. Personal Devices: Computers and smartphones are a sitting duck for hackers for years. But with the advent of home-based gadgets like smart speakers connected to the IoT, data breach may become a cake walk. By powering them down when unattended, firms can guard their data.

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