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How to Handle These 3 Types of Employee Resignations

Project managers face employee resignations often and the majority of them are ultimatums. However, not all of them are around real issues. Rich Morgan advises employees to choose their words carefully to get their message through. His advice for the project managers is to understand the issues before reacting. In this article at Mironov Consulting, the author gives tips to handle 3 types of employee resignations.

Dealing with Employee Resignations

As per Mironov, you can segregate employee resignations into three categories. For each of them, you must approach with sensitivity. Mironov discusses below how employees and their bosses should approach employee resignations:

More Challenges or…: It might be that the teammate was not promoted, or others got more appreciation. Instead of giving ultimatums, you should discuss how unappreciated you feel. Managers can give options you can work on for the upcoming assignments.

Another reason for this type of ultimatums can be because employees are frustrated with their work profile. They must say why they are frustrated with work. You, as a manager, can offer training programs that could increase their productivity. If required, you can give the employees options to choose a different department or role instead of accepting employee resignations.

It might be that no new projects have come, or higher management interventions have stalled them. Employees must broach the subject impersonally by asking if the team can use less management involvement later. You can either thank the employees for their observations or inform about the improvements you are working on.

A 20% Raise or…: Your employees already have a job offer at hand and they are simply trying out their luck. Honest employees would inform you about the job offers. Experienced managers know that these employee resignations are true. They will not stay for long even after a good counter-offer. They have already planned their exit. You can congratulate them on their new venture and help them out with the transition.

There can be a more serious reason too. A family member has fallen ill, or the employees cannot maintain the current living standard because of the market inflation. You can inform your personal challenges and managers can coordinate with the HR to come up with an employee benefit plan.

  1. Need for Diversity in Work Culture or…: Though diversity fuels innovation, most of the workplaces lack in it. Instead of becoming offensive, employees can put it across as a solution. To prevent further escalation of employee resignations, you can ask to elaborate on the topic. Some employees might remark on the lack of female leaders. As a manager, inform the higher management about how it is affecting hiring and retaining resources. Some may even call the workplace and its policies insensitive. While this type of accusations should not escape a manager’s eyes, you must address it before mass employee resignations.

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