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CIOs Aiming to Run Innovative IT, Grill Yourself First

The fast-growing demand for technology has turned IT into a business. To lead this business, IT leaders or CIOs need to strategically create alternative business solutions.

In this article at Future of CIO, Pearl Zhu suggests few questions for the CIOs to answer if they truly wish to run an innovative IT business.

Ideas to Steal

IT innovation calls for adopting technology in innovative ways to make an organization agile. Innovation usually begins with idea generation, where ideas are narrowed down at the brainstorming sessions. After this, leaders consider the business viability, feasibility, and desirability of each idea.

The new innovations must enable the achievement of goals across the entire organization with the vision set on accomplishing core business aims and initiatives. Here are a few questions that will lead you to run an innovative IT business:

1. How to Handle New Technologies?

Technologies are considered as the disruptive force behind digital innovation. Therefore, IT leaders need to have a clear vision to run IT as a changed department of the business. Using the controller’s mindset with risk avoidance mentality, IT leaders end up living with current technologies and standards instead of investing in the future aggressively.

2. Investigate Future Paths with Team

With existing or new emerging complex business problems, forward-thinking businesses need to think long-term and investigate potential future paths. The art of innovation involves new ways of bringing together ideas and resources to create something novel. IT needs to be open to diverse opinions and feedback, listen to customers, and be resilient to failure in the future.

3. Prioritize the Need to Innovate

A disciplined innovation approach with the right priority setting focuses on commercially relevant compounds. The innovation management is driven by clear strategic goals, risk management, and integral and interdisciplinary process management. IT organizations with high-maturity adopt changes and play a vital role in setting the right priority while driving the digital transformation of the organization.

4. Socialize Prioritized needs with Executives

The strategic conversation between CIO and other C-levels focuses on both top-line business growth and innovation. The CIOs must talk about the strategic use of technology to meet these concerns. Cross-functional communication is crucial to run a highly innovative IT organization.

5. Measure IT Innovation Performance

Choose KPIs by deciding that are critical to progress in order to deliver more innovations. Remember, metrics are not just numbers, but need to be well selected to tell the full story as a performance system for most businesses has been finance driven. Building a culture of innovation means to break the rules, give people time and resource for exploring new horizons.

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