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10 Public Speaking Tips for Better Project Management

While communication is an important part of project management, many professionals fall short in public speaking. The problem is, managers must speak up during meetings to inspire the team and present ideas to the clients. How do you get about it? In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall provides 10 public speaking tips for better project management.

Public Speaking and Project Management

As Washington Post confirms, public speaking is one of the top fears. It is a daunting task to speak your mind in front of a room full of people. It is tougher when your project management career depends on it. Hall has provided the following tips for better project management:

  1. Concentrate on the Value Addition: Project management is people management, so concentrate on the value you are providing to the audience rather than your self-image.
  2. Increase the Audience Base Gradually: It is easier to influence one individual rather than a group of people. So, play according to your ability and gradually increase the audience base.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice: It is true that practice makes you perfect. If you have a team meeting, prepare beforehand at home. If there is a conference, practice with your team.
  4. Teaching Improves Communication: In project management, you must communicate your ideas clearly to train people. Teach more to improve your communication skills.
  5. Warm Up Before the Speech: If running helps you relax your mind, do it a day before the speech. You require the fresh energy to keep you going on your D-day.
  6. Come Early at the Venue: It is always good to be early. This saves you from the last-minute slipups that can stall your project management career.
  7. Backup Whatever Necessary: Get your instruments and backups. It might be that your hosts are not able to procure it for you even if they mean well.
  8. Breathe In, Breathe Out: Fill your lungs with air before your public speaking stance. This saves from having a nervous breakdown in front of the audience.
  9. Toastmasters and TED Talks: Toastmasters and TED Talks give you good tips on public speaking. They can also give you advice that can be helpful for project management.
  10. Smile and Make Eye Contacts: This is hard, but eye contacts are the best way to engage your audience. Take some time to look at them and smile to give them a positive vibe. Shift your glance from one person to the other during the speech.

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