Valuable Engineering Insights from the CIO and CTO of Western Union

Sheri Rhodes, the CIO and CTO of Western Union, believes that in engineering it is all about developing the right talent and focusing them on the customer provides a whole range of insights in this interview with Martha Heller appearing in where she talks about.

Q1. Can you describe your role as CIO and CTO of Western Union?

A1. Sheri says, “As a CIO, I am accountable for IT, which includes corporate applications like ERP and finance systems, as well as customer support systems, HR, and all of those commercial off-the-shelf products.”

“As CTO, I manage the engineering teams who are developing the mobile experience and other solutions to ensure the seamless transfer of money across borders. The combination of corporate IT and solution engineering is critical to driving an exceptional end-to-end customer journey.”

Q2. How do you structure the organization to allow you to wear both hats?

A2. “My senior leadership team consists of three engineering heads, digital, core money transfer, and B2B solutions as well as heads of infrastructure, corporate operations, security, and architecture. Through this leadership team, I am able to structure and lead across corporate IT and engineering.”

Q3. What does “digital transformation” mean to Western Union?

A3. Sheri says “Digital is all about how we reach the customer.” She goes on to add, “Traditionally, we have been known as a cash business; our goal now is to digitize the customer experience wherever we can.” “Our transition to digital is all about giving the customer convenience, simplicity, and options.”

Q4. What are some specific examples of digital innovation that you and your team are developing?

A4. Sheri responds by listing the company’s mobile app, artificial intelligence solutions and an extensive predictive modeling program to prevent against fraud as some of the examples.

Q5. What are you doing organizationally to drive that kind of innovation?

A5. Sheri responds by saying, “Last year, I opened up an innovation center in Pune, India. We went from zero people to 800 with plans to grow to 1,000, all of them full-time employees.”

Q6. Customer centricity involves a new mindset across the company. How are you cultivating that new mindset?

A6. Sheri says that WU has a chief customer officer to ensure that everything they do “comes together for the customer”. The company’s cultural shift (called “WU Way”) is all about putting the customer first.

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