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Ten Important Traits of Exceptional Project Managers

In this article appearing in, Harry Hill lists the ten traits of project managers, from his experience of working with many of them. Let’s take a look at these traits below.

  1. Persistent: There are many stumbling blocks that a project manager has to overcome during the course of a project. A persistent manager learns from every mistake and failure and comes at the project with renewed enthusiasm once more.
  2. Opportunistic: The very best managers can identify, enhance and exploit opportunities, while also assessing and managing risks.
  3. Self-Control: Good managers are great at conflict management, and deal with the inevitable friction between members with a cool head. They make the effort to reason and respect each member while seeking out solutions.
  4. Selfless: Good managers look for opportunities where they can invest their time, knowledge and insight with purely altruistic motives.
  5. Optimistic: The best project managers look for silver linings, and learn from mistakes. As such, they welcome insights gained from mistakes.
  6.  Visionary: Team members always want to know where they are going and how they’re going to get there. Therefore, a good project manager will work towards providing them with a clear vision.
  7. Diligent: Successful project managers mix good planning and hard work in the right proportions.
  8. Motivated: Good managers surround themselves with encouraging individuals, within the workplace and outside as well. What’s more, they also devote themselves to hobbies outside the workplace, while also making time for personal reflection and keeping their eyes focused on the finish line.
  9. Focussed: Good managers tend to focus on their next steps rather than failures. That aside, they also remind their team of the goals of the project, and why the project is critical to the organization.
  10. Enjoyable: The best leaders find a way to inject fun along the way. They understand that a good laugh can help overcome tough days.

Patient Growth

When working towards becoming an exceptional manager, don’t focus on acquiring these traits all at once. Instead, pick one or two and work on maturing over time, and add these traits along the way. A friend or coach could be useful on this journey.

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Sapna Hiremath

Sapna S Hiremath is currently working as a Content Specialist Lead for CAI Info India. With experiences of having worked for newspapers after pursuing a Master's in Mass Communication and Journalism, she has worked in the thriving fields of Search Engine Marketing, online shopping and healthcare. Being an avid traveler, she likes being in the serene landscapes of nature, but also likes being around friends.

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