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How to Leverage Self-service to Increase Customer Base

Self-service is a common thing in IT support now. To cater to the ever-increasing customer base, 70 to 80 percent of IT services rely on self-service software. Also, it reduces operating costs and speeds up services. However, some ITSM professionals complain that the idea did not turn out to be beneficial for them. Joe the IT Guy shares tips about how to leverage self-service to increase customer base in his blog.

Self-Service: 5 Tips to Improve the Customer Facility

The point of implementing self-service is to address more customers with efficiency by automating the IT support desk functions. While it sounds like a great idea, there are some mistakes that prevent you from achieving your vision. Following are the 5 ways you can improve customer base by leveraging self-service:

Keep Your Agents Available:

When self-service is in place, organizations completely pull back agents from the field. So, when your consumers needed a quick call with the agents, you are forcing them to answer numerous automated questions. You are not giving them any option but to use the long route. Help your consumers to easily reach the IT service desk agents without pressing numerous buttons to improve their experience.

Explain Benefits:

Organizations weigh the pros and cons of the self-service facility before implementing it. However, they do not acknowledge the fact that the customers need to know the benefits too. Explain the benefits—quicker solutions, reduced wait time, faster ticket generation, and instant access to information. The agents can further showcase how the end users are living the promise given by the organization.

Analyze Self-Service Usage:

Collect data on the number of customers that embraced self-service. The intention is to understand if your automated service is serving its purpose of satisfying the customers. Retire services that the customers hardly use and move the agents back in that department. Meanwhile, add more systems for processes where the end users are frequenting regularly.

Meet the Customer Expectations:

The consumers will use the facility when they want to generate tickets quickly or require an immediate solution. However, if your content is outdated, irrelevant, or difficult to understand, there is very little chance of gaining traction there. The customers will not understand your IT desk terms, so simplify them. Also, do not ask them to work on things that need IT desk permission. This will make them call up the agents and your purpose of the automated service will be nullified.

Make It Accessible and Easy

Your customers will opt for the service when it resolves their issues faster than emails or calls to the IT desk. Since they want quick solutions, simplify the processes. Speed in service, from your website refresh time to issue resolution, will help in your success.

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Indrani Roy

Indrani Roy is currently working as a Content Specialist for CAI Info India. She has knowledge in writing blogs, product descriptions, brand information, and coming up with new marketing concepts. Indrani has also transcribed, subtitled, edited, and proofread various Hollywood movies, TV series, documentaries, etc., and performed audio fidelity checks. She started her career by articulating a knowledge base for an IT client, and, eventually, went on to create user manuals and generate content for a software dashboard. Writing being one of her passions, reading books is naturally her favorite pastime. When not lost in the world of letters, she is a foodie, movie buff, and a theater critic.

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