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In order to promote the success of projects, we must first understand what makes them fail with the help of project management. In this article appearing in, Elizabeth Harrin explores the subject in great detail and even explains how to do projects right.

What is PM Failure?

There are several reasons why a project might fail, however, simply listing out the reasons isn’t enough. Instead, leaders must do something to set things right. For instance, they can review internal processes, get the necessary executive support in order to do things in a ‘project management’ way, and go from there. They should also embed good practices, learn from past failures, and call out leaders who do not create a positive environment for projects.

The Changing Face of Failure

With the evolving nature of the business, the way we assess the success or failure of a project should move on too. For this, leaders should not consider failure in a mere academic sense, and instead, create an environment for every project where what it means to fail is understood.

Common Causes of Project Failure

  • No executive support
  • Poor strategic alignment
  • Poor risk management
  • Poor communication
  • Poor project management practices
  • Decision-making delays

Why Some Projects are Successful

Some projects are successful because they are the right projects, and they are done right.

Defining a Successful Project

We should move beyond the project management measures, such as the ‘Iron Triangle’, and realize that there are a combination of factors that could determine the success and failure of a project. We should also realize that it is the end user who determines the ultimate success of a project, and now that we know what success looks like, we should take the steps to get there.

The Right Projects

The right projects are the ones which have management support, the necessary strategic alignment, and contribute to the organization’s overall objectives.

Doing Projects Right

A project done right needs experience and the willingness to learn from mistakes (on the part of the manager), as well as a supportive culture. What’s more, an organization, a manager, and a team willing the project to succeed is a definite requirement.

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