Digitizing Can Help Organizations Usurp Competition & Drive Innovation

As things stand, Australian organizations aren’t quick enough in their efforts to digitize their operations, and a result they run the risk of falling behind disruptive startups. In this article by CIO staff in, the author states that failing to digitize platforms allows new market entrants to take your business away swiftly. Furthermore, according to an HCL spokesperson, establishing a culture that fosters innovation and transformation is perhaps the greatest challenge facing Australian organizations.

Finding Out if Digitization is a Success or a Failure

To determine if a project is successful or not, HCL advises that organizations must be aware of what a successful digital project looks like, while also laying down parameters for measurement. They add that, companies also fail to come to grips with the collecting, managing and governing of date – and so are unable glean valuable internal insights from this exercise, and therefore cannot use it to drive customer experiences, as well.

According to Dentsu’s Winston Benedict, the success of a digital project can be defined by the business case and the financial or feedback scores – this should be done six months after deployment.

Cultural Hurdles

An HCL spokesperson says that agile ways of working are one of the key initiatives undertaken by organizations who are carrying out digital transformation activities. However, they often leave out the most important components while focussing on the wrong things. Therefore, a holistic understanding of organizational transformation should be determined, and rapid tactical shortcuts should be shunned. “Re-architecting the relationships both within and beyond the contracts is a critical step towards improving interaction and manageable governance across the board,” the spokesperson says.

Dentsu’s Benedict calls out the fear of failure as something that should be overcome while moving towards agile ways of working. Embracing a sense of “constant evolution” is key as well. He goes on to add that his organization looks to promote the right staff behavior by learning from failures as well as successes. He adds “I grant autonomy to my team and let them own the outcomes. The only old-school thing I hold onto is I don’t want any surprises.”

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