CIOs: The Art of Managing the Millennial Managers

Just a few years ago we were talking about millennials who were getting in the IT world. Now it is already time when they are taking over managerial positions in plush IT companies by taking control of things. As a CIO you need to work with the millennial managers differently and do it just right, says Dr. Jim Anderson, in an article published in The Accidental Successful CIO.

Millennial Managers’ Challenges

One of the bigger challenges that the millennial managers face is having senior members on their team. This can cause unrest among many. The IT workers feel the need to prove their relevance to their managers who see the quick progress of the millennial as a threat. Hence Dr. Jim suggests that millennial managers must realize and admit that they may not know everything. They can approach the team members for advice when needed.

Managing Millennial Managers

As a CIO you must make sure that the team managers and the millennial managers interact well. You must create an environment that is conducive for both the managers to accept and learn from each other’s working styles.

You must train the millennial managers to navigate through the company’s bureaucracy. You must handhold them with helping them understand the team members and their aspirations and also coach them regularly on the challenges that the company is facing.

Where Are We Heading?

In the coming years we will start to see more millennials moving up the ladder, which means that more IT workers will have younger bosses. This could cause unrest among older managers who took longer to get there when compared to the millennial manager.

The millennial managers should also be open in their approach and not behave like they know everything. The CIOs must work towards creating a conducive atmosphere for the managers and the team to work efficiently. This trend is only going to increase over time and as CIOs you need to find better ways to make sure that this breed of managers will succeed.

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