10 Great Automation Tools for IT Managers

As the whole organization depends on and runs on tech, the role of the IT manager has never been more important. As such, they are called on to implement, manage, and monitor systems that impact productivity across the entire company. In this article in, Ben Lang describes how this important role can be made easier with tools that help automate tasks. Let’s look at 10 of the best below.

  1. 1Password:  This is a password management tool where everyone in the company can store their passwords without fear of forgetting them. They can then access all their passwords by simply remembering one master password. This can help limit password reset requests.
  2. BetterCloud: This is a full-service SaaS application management tool and gives IT manager and teams the necessary tools they need to keep data secure and compliant. The tool also simplifies user onboarding and offboarding with automated workflows.
  3. Watchman Monitoring: Amazingly, this tool helps identify issues before they manifest themselves. Now, find out which devices need updates, which components are throwing errors, while also figuring out issues with servers and more.
  4. Spoke: This is an innovative, integrated ticketing system and knowledge base tool that learns the more you use it. Now, when employees need help, they simply consult Spoke, reducing the IT team’s queue significantly. This is quite helpful for the IT manager.
  5. Fleetsmith: This tool is useful for companies that use Apple devices, as it captures all the data the IT team needs, while also monitoring the health of the devices.
  6. Duo: Designed for BYOD companies, this tool helps provide access to company tools, without relying on VPNs, while also monitoring the trustworthiness of devices.
  7. Envoy: This tool automates the visitor sign-in process, while also making them review and sign documents, and printing visitor badges automatically.
  8. Dialpad: Dialpad eliminates the cost and management of desk phones by allowing employees to take work calls on their computers or mobile devices.
  9. Kisi: This cloud access tool is designed to limit the need of security personnel by relying on tech. Kisi provides keyless entry technology for your office, server room, and other protected areas, while also simplifying the onboarding and offboarding process.
  10. Robin: This conference booking tool makes it easier to find available rooms with the necessary amenities. It helps the IT manager organize the meetings better.

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