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The Role of Competition in an Organization’s Success

A collaborative team is often touted to be an ideal and optimally functioning team when it comes to competition. However, as this article in by Charles Donkor, Gretchen Anderson, and Varun Bhatnagar, discovers competition within the team may actually bear much fruit for the organization.

While the idea of teaming has plenty of merits, in practical terms it can still be fraught with problems. Unlikely as it sounds, however, competition within the team when acknowledged and recognized can enable the team to feel more empowered and connected, and more likely to work together effectively.

Reasons to Compete

When competition is acknowledged and leveraged correctly, it can impact the team positively in these three ways:

Challenge the Status Quo: When competition is introduced, as evinced by John F. Kennedy’s administration’s successful treatment of the Cuban missile crisis, team members are emboldened to challenge and think deeply about existing views. If views aren’t debated and challenged, this could spell disaster as far as execution of strategy is concerned.

Innovative Thinking: Samsung, the electronics giant has moved away from its highly collaborative culture and has included a sense of competition in a bid to drive innovation – it’s what the company calls “parallel development”. In this scenario, teams compete against each other to achieve the same or similar goals. The winners are well compensated, and this approach promotes creativity and innovation.

Fomenting Commitment: Acknowledging competition is an important step if not, it can have disastrous consequences and can negatively impact a team’s commitment towards achieving its goals. In fact, keeping differences below the surface will only ensure that it festers and erupts later on in unseemly fashion – it’s far better to have this sense of competition out in the open. To implement this correctly, a set of guiding behaviors must be laid down to harness the competitive spirit and reiterate the team’s commitment towards its goals.

Competition is Powerful

While collaboration does have its place, organizations should also harness and use their team members’ aggression and their inherent desire to outbid peers. Competition can definitely yield results and returns for teams and the organization when implemented effectively.

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Sapna Hiremath

Sapna S Hiremath is currently working as a Content Specialist Lead for CAI Info India. With experiences of having worked for newspapers after pursuing a Master's in Mass Communication and Journalism, she has worked in the thriving fields of Search Engine Marketing, online shopping and healthcare. Being an avid traveler, she likes being in the serene landscapes of nature, but also likes being around friends.

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