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Interview Questions and Answers for ITSM/ITIL Consultants

Incorporating ITIL into an organization is like putting together a bed you bought at IKEA—a worthwhile endeavor, but you might have tears in your eyes by the end of it. Bringing on a consultant is one way to reduce the frustration. Leslie Stevens-Huffman writes about some common questions asked to ITSM consultants in interviews, and how to give the best answers to those questions.

Q&A for U&Me

Let’s start with the question, “Is ITIL prescriptive or subscriptive, and why?” The correct answer is that it is subscriptive (ignoring the fact that “subscriptive” is not actually a word), because ITIL is just a framework intended to be adapted for a given company’s needs. Any consultant that insists on trying to implement every aspect of ITIL to a business will likely get kicked to the curb.

Another question that gets asked is, “What are the primary elements of an SLA?” The best answer here is to say that the SLA is a contract between customer and supplier that dictates the service level required by the supplier. It will draw upon the service catalogue by way of providing service level targets and performance metrics for use. The SLA is vital because it removes uncertainty and provides incentives for hitting milestones.

A third question consultants might hear is, “What changes should the Change Advisory Board (CAB) review?” Here is the answer to give in this situation:

“Under the ITIL framework, the CAB is supposed to review all normal changes. They should not review standard changes, which is a term that applies to low-risk pre-authorized changes that follow a defined procedure or work instruction. And emergency changes should be approved by the Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB).”

At the full article, there are even a few more questions and answers to be found, all of which will help separate the ITIL boys and girls from the ITIL manly men and womanly women. You can view them here: http://news.dice.com/2015/03/25/interview-qs-for-itsmitil-consultants/

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