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Impact of Machine Learning on Service Management

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is something of a watchword at service management events. In this article at, Geoffrey Simpson explains what the future could hold for AI service management.

AI has arrived

Artificial Intelligence is a broad concept, and some technology which was considered AI 20 years ago is now standard technology. In today’s terms, however, AI has come to mean machine learning.

Machine learning

In the case of machine learning, a computer uses examples to learn how to perform a task. Machine learning indeed possesses immense potential, and we’re starting to get a better idea as to how it could impact service management. While expectations are high, and people think that chatbots will take the place of the entire service desk, we are still a way off from this happening. In fact, the author thinks that this level of hype will normalize in soon, and we will unlock the practical use of machine learning.

Machine learning applications for service management in the coming years

The strength of machine learning lies in recognizing trends and acting upon them. For an instance, if there are a high number of calls logged for the same issue, the machine learning will recognize this and contact the specialized agent to take further action. Besides this, machine learning can also create a major call to which other calls are linked and inform other agents about the call’s progress.

Machine learning is also good at identifying long-term problems, which is otherwise very labor intensive. That aside, machine learning could also be useful when it comes to recognizing patterns in calls. Machine learning could also benefit incoming calls by showing agents resolutions and details to similar completed calls.

Machine learning in the future

In the future, machine learning will probably answer questions immediately, and even be able to provide solutions while the problem is being typed in by the customer.

Misconceptions about machine learning

As discussed, we are still some way off from chatbots and virtual assistants replacing service desks wholesale – this is because they do not work very well at present and are expensive. In addition, machine learning is not able to provide solutions to complex issues, and this will need human intervention.

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